Friday, January 18, 2019

Week 22: 01/21-01/25

Happy Friday!

I hope you are all ready for the three day weekend! I am looking forward to an extra day off with Harper :) A couple quick announcements:
1. We still need some supplies for the 100th day of school, follow the link to sign up to bring a snack.
2. Friday 01/25 is the 100th day of school, your may wear a shirt depicting 100, see picture for example or refer to the prior email. Uniform bottoms and shoes must still be worn. 

3. Field Day is quickly approached, see previous blog post about ways to volunteer for this fun day. 
Here's a look at next week:
Spalding:  This week we will learn three new phonograms oa (cue: boat), oe (cue: toe) and gu. Students will have five spelling words: top, 
he r. 4 (e may say e at the end of a syllable) 
will r. 17 (we can double the l following a single vowel at the end of a one syllable word.) 
we  r. 4 (e may say e at the end of a syllable) 
Friday is our 100th day of school so we are challenging our students to write 100 phonograms and spelling words, wish us luck! 

Sight Words: This week we will review lists 1-4

Literature: We are so excited to begin reading our second Classic to Keep, “Mr. Popper’s Penguins.” We will be reading this story for the next three weeks. We will be reading the story to the class, so no books are needed. We ask that you please hold off on reading the book with your child at home until we are finished with the entire story so we can enjoy it as a class family. We will have Mary Had a Little Lamb for our weekly poem.

Math: This week we will continue to work on numbers 10-20 focusing on number order. Students will practice counting and writing in ascending order. We will work on finding the missing number in a sequence and identifying numbers that are more than others. For example, students will say “17 is one more than 16; 12 is two more than 10.” On Friday, we will be taking an assessment on place value (tens and ones) and numbers to 20.

History and Geography: We will review the names of the seven continents and spend this week learning all about the continent of Australia! We will learn about Australian words and animals, especially the kangaroo. Students will also learn about aboriginal art in Australia and they will create their own dot paintings.

Fun from this week!

Thank you Mrs. Olson for reading to our class for JJ's birthday.

Happy Birthday JJ!

going on a gallery walk to admire their friends work.  

So proud! 

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Athletic Field Day!

One of my favorite days of the school year is upon us, Athletic Field Day Athletic Field Day is Friday, February 1st from 8:30-11:00 for K-2 classes and from 12:00-2:30 for grades 3-5! Each year classes are assigned a Greek City State for their team. This year, our team is Croton, and our team color is blue. Here is our team logo:
In order to have Athletic Field Day run smoothly, we need your help! Coach Gethings & Coach Warren need volunteers setting up and running the event. Please sign up at to help with the events. We need a few volunteers for class to help with donating a cooler and snacks. Please sign up here to volunteer for our class.
Athletic Field Day Attire: Please have your child wear a blue color t-shirt that day. Students may decorate their shirts with their team name and/or symbol of their Greek City State. Students should wear athletic clothing free of pop culture references. Sports team and brand logos are acceptable on clothing. Athletic shoes are mandatory (any color). Hats and sunglasses may be worn. Sunscreen must be applied at home. Please see pg. 52 in the family handbook for more detailed information.
I look forward to this fun day with your child, if you have any questions please feel free to reach out, wish us luck!

Friday, January 11, 2019

Week 21: 01/14-01/18

Happy Friday KC Families,

What a wonderful first week back, we are slowly but surely getting back into the swing of things. Reading groups are starting back up and we need volunteers each Tuesday and Thursday from 8:00-8:35. Follow the link to sign up! The 100th day of school is quickly approaching, look for a sign-up and a fun at home project coming out next week. 

I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!

Here's a look at next week:

Spalding: This coming week we will learn three new phonograms: ed, or, wh. We will learn 4 new spelling words that are very similar to each other, they will share the same beginning and ending consonant they are: ten, tan, ton, tin. We will also learn the word bed for five spelling words total. There will be no new rules to learn. 

Sight Words: We will continue to review list 4. 

Literature: This week we will read the fun story of The Bremen Town Musicians. We will identify the problem/solution, setting, and characters of the story. Our poem will be Jack Be Nimble.  We will be working on phonemic awareness with the poem by identifying rhyming words and acting our the poem. 

Math:Students will be able to understand place value using tens and ones.  Students will group ten objects together to make one group of ten, and any left overs are ones.  For example, the number 15 consists of one group of ten and five ones.

History: This week we will be learning about Martin Luther King Junior. Students will discuss what it means to be kind and fair to all. We will learn about the life of MLK and the positive things he did. We will learn all about words and acts of kindness and why they matter. Later in the week we will learn about another kind person in history; Mother Teresa. We will talk about how MLK and Mother Teresa are similar and different.

We had fun celebrating Presley's birthday in class on Friday!

We had popcorn and good story!


Thank you Presley!

We made puppets for the Jumping Mouse.

Then we took time acting out the story. 

Proud of his hard work. 

We learned all about oceans this week. 

Scary Octopus. 

Comparing numbers using goldfish. 

Figuring out who has more. 

We had our library visit. 

Reading the books they picked out. 

Playing chess and reading fun. 

The chess club teacher gave a quick lesson during recess. 

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Homework Update

Thank you for taking the time to complete the latest homework survey.  We looked carefully at the numeric data and anonymous comments and had good conversation as a team.  Every child is unique and homework experiences vary widely, but there are occasional patterns in these surveys that help us to adjust our homework assignments.  With this in mind, we are going to make a few adjustments in the third quarter that will hopefully make the homework experience more joyful without sacrificing good learning.  We will continue to discuss as a team and will send another survey near the end of third quarter.  Beginning January 7th, parents and students can look forward to the following changes:
·         Spalding words will be written without the markings.  As always it is crucial that parents read the words aloud to their child.  *Note: To maximize effectiveness of Spalding homework students who go to study hall will now complete their Spalding at home. If you have any questions about this please feel free to ask. 
·         Homework over the weekend will only consist of nightly reading.

Thank you for your continued support and helping us make these changes successful. 

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Week 20: 01/07-01/11

 Welcome Back! I hope y'all had a wonderful and restful Winter Break. Ours was so went way too fast but Harper had the best Christmas and we were able to spend lots of family time together. Here's a look at some of our fun. 

We started our break with Christmas at The Princess.

Then baked some cookies for Santa.

Of course we had to wear our ugly sweaters.
Enjoyed Christmas Eve service at our church. 
We put our cookies and milk out for Santa, Harper might have snuck a few bites :) 
Tia (Aunt) Zavala came over and gave Harper her present, a scooter!
Then we packed Christmas all away, but someone liked to play in the tubs more than help. 
And here's a look at our first week in 2019!

Spalding: We will begin our week by learning two new double phonograms igh and kn (cue: two letter, beginning). Our five spelling words will be so, no, man, now, the (as review). So, no, and the all follow rule 4, “when the a vowel can say it’s name at the end of a syllable.” Students will no longer be required to add markings on homework. 

Sight Words: This week will review list 4. Now that we have reviewed all 4 lists we have taught we will begin introducing new sight words the following week. 

Literature: This week we will explore the Native American legend, “The Story of Jumping Mouse.” We will search for virtue in the story and do a character study on the mouse. Our poem will be Old Mother Hubbard.

Math:We will begin Book B this semester.  Student will take the skills they learned last semester with more and less and find sets that are one more or one less.  They will continue to compare numbers and use words such as greater than and less than.

Science and Geography: This week students will explore the oceans of the world. They will learn the names of the major oceans and point to them on a map. We will spend time learning all about the various ocean animals and will explore more in depth information about sharks and octopuses. Students will enjoy writing about the ocean animals they’re introduced to.

Some fun before Winter Break!

We went around the world for our Christmas celebration.  Making lanterns to celebrate India.

Mrs. Naak brought us some traditional Indian outfits to wear. 

Learning some Indian dance moves. 
Mrs. Naak leading the class in a craft.

Friday, December 14, 2018

Week 19: 12/17-12/19

Happy Friday KC Families,

I hope y'all have a fun weekend planned. We have a short 3 day week coming up before Winter Break. A couple reminders Tuesday and Wednesday are both half days, dismissal starts at 11:45. Our class book exchange is on Wednesday, please send your child with a new or gently used wrapped book to exchange. 

Here's a look at our short but sweet week:

Spalding: This week we will review words and phonograms. There will be no test.  Please continue to review phonogram cards each night.

We recently learned the "ers," iSpalding and they can be a little tricky. We use the sentence "her first nurse works early" to help students remember each "er".  We use the words as cues so the students know which "er" we want them to write or say. When you are practicing at home you should be saying these cues as well. 

er (as in her)  ir (as in first)
ur (as in nurse) wor (as in works)
ear (as in early) 

Sight Words: Review lists 1-3

Literature: This week we will explore the silly Story/Poem, “There was an Old Lady.” We will read different versions and compare/contrast them as well as sequence the events.  We will still be reading with students this week so please be sure to send your child with their book bag. This will give students an opportunity to get a new book to read before break.  Please be sure to keep reading while away from school. 

Math: We will complete the first semester by reviewing some topics from the year.  Students will work on both Monday and Tuesday to complete pages in their Math Book A.  Once completed, students will be bringing their books home with them to keep.

History: We will learn all about the real life of Saint Nicholas. Students will learn that he gave to those in need out of love and kindness. Students will get to make a craft to give to someone they love. 
Looking back at first day of school memories during our school assembly today. 

waiting for the assembly to start. 

JJ got to share his NYE tradition. 

Recess fun!

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Library Volunteer Sign-up!

Our Archway Arete library has officially launched, and we are looking for volunteers to help students check out books. Sign up here to serve! Our class will visit the library on these Fridays 1/11, 2/15, 3/8, 4/5, 5/3 from 8:20-8:35. We look forward to seeing you there!